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CIED Government

At the time of English settlement, the Chickahominy Indians were governed by a council of elders and religious leaders, known as “mungai” or “great men”.  Today, CIED is governed by a Tribal council, which consists of a Chief, Assistant Chief, Secretary, Treasurer, and at least two Councilmen.

Office positions are held for four years without term limits.  Elections are held the second Saturday of every 4th April.

Candace Dickerson
Economic Development Director - Grant Management 

Candace is a proud CIT-ED Citizen and our Economic Development Director. Candace is married with four children – Cameron, Kensleigh, Weston and Hudson. Having aided during the virtual learning processes of the shut-down she became deeply invested in the future of the Tribe. 


Candace led the creation of our childcare program Little Arrows. Her duties include but are not limited to research and development for grants and grant funding. 

Morgan Martin
Programs Director, Project Assistant, Elder Care Coordinator, FEMA Director, Health Services Assistant

Morgan is an active member of the Chickahominy Tribe. Her mother is Gina Jones Martin, her grandparents are Alvin Jones and Eliouse Jones. She lives in Charles City with her partner Ricky and children Kayson and Kaspen. Before coming to CIT-ED she worked as Assistant Manager for Pilot Flying J in New Kent for 15 years. Morgan also came to assist with childcare, and quickly became instrumental to supporting all programs and services.  She is our Project Assistant, Elder Care Coordinator, FEMA Director, and Health Services Assistant.

Tanya Stewart
Cultural Director,
Elder Care Assistant

Tanya (Adkins) Stewart is the daughter of P. Curtis and Dolly Adkins from the Chickahominy Tribe. Tanya is the Cultural Resources Director for CIT-ED and has been doing Traditional Native crafts for 30 years.  She has done beading, leather, pottery and regalia making consistently for 20 years. Tanya’s crafts are in Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and across the U.S.  She taught beading in three different sessions of “Culture Class” that CIT held over the years.


She has assisted with Children’s Bible study for 17 years and been a Sunday School teacher at Samaria Baptist Church for 16 years. She has been going to schools and doing Native American presentations for 12 years. She is a member of the Eastern Woodland Revitalization group and the Tsenacommacah Algonquin Language Project. She loves her Tribe and her Native Culture and is so happy to be able to share, tell and teach others that we are still here.

Keenan Stewart
Cultural Resources Assistant

Keenan is a member of the Chickahominy Tribe and assists with the cultural and youth programs at CIT-ED.  He is the son of Tanya and Jonathan Stewart and is pursing his passion for music while furthering his education.  Keenan has a passion for all things cultural and is a strong contribution to the overall Cultural revitalization for the Tribes. 

Jessica Phillips
Environmental Director,
Housing Support

Jessica is a citizen of CIT-ED and has 6 children. She has a Bachelor’s in Environmental Policy and Management.  She loves the outdoors and all the things our Great Creator has given us to enjoy. Jessica is a strong believer that it is our responsibility to take care of these gifts. She practices herbalism, makes potions, and salves to aid in healing. She loves to read, and enjoys spending time with her family.

Nakoma Gonzalez
 Enrollment Director

Nakoma is a CIT-ED Citizen and has a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Old Dominion University. While in school Nakoma has tutored many of the CIT-ED youth, assisted with the childcare program, and now supports the Tribe as the Enrollment Officer. Nakoma has also been instrumental in supporting the office staff by organizing computer files, updating financial spreadsheets for use, and assisting where needed.

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