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We are the Chickahominy, pronounced chick-a-hom-a-nee, Indians Eastern Division Native American Tribe.  Chickahominy can be interpreted as “crushed corn people”, “coarse pound corn people, or “coarse ground corn people”, the preferred meaning is “coarse ground corn people”.  Chickahominy Indians Eastern Division is also known as the acronym CIED and will be referenced as such throughout this site.


We are a non-reservated Eastern Woodlands Tribe of about 164 members that continues to have its roots in what is now known as the state of Virginia before the colonists migrated from England.


We received state recognition under Governor Chuck Robb in 1983 and are one of eight state recognized Tribes in Virginia.  We were federally recognized January 29, 2018 though the Thomasina W Jordan Indian Tribes of Virginia Federal Recognition Act 2017.


Our Tribal seat is five miles East of Providence Forge Virginia, which is located in rural New Kent County.

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