At the time of English settlement, the Chickahominy Indians were governed by a council of elders and religious leaders, known as “mungai” or “great men”.  Today, CIED is governed by a Tribal council, which consists of a Chief, Assistant Chief, Secretary, Treasurer, and at least two Councilmen.

Office positions are held for four years without term limits.  Elections are held the second Saturday of every 4th April.

Current Tribal Council

Name Role(s)
Gerald A. Stewart Chief
Matthew Chippawa Adkins Assistant Chief, Treasurer, Genealogy, Technology
Joanne Howard Secretary, Public Relations
William E. Gibbs Councilman
Joseph L. Adkins Councilman
Charles P. Bradby Councilman
Doris A. Austin Council woman
Scott R. Holmes Councilman
Candace Dickerson Council woman